Why we Create the Dream

Create the Dream is a collection of stories meant to show the different paths to becoming an artist and creative. It is for the kid in us all that wants to express their creativity but has no idea where to start. Within these stories, you will learn from different creators and curators, how they forged their path and the meaning behind their work. Through discussions about their beginnings, failures, successes, current work, and much more, you will get a scope behind the creative process of each individual. My goal is to share this collective knowledge so that others will not face the same challenges I did while unlocking my inner creator.


How we Create the Dream

Each multimedia story is told through an interview styled conversation that not only shows you the work and life of these creators but also allows you to learn about their challenges and successes - how they developed their “why”. 


My Story

When I was younger, I dreamed of becoming many things: a cartoonist, a musician, a fashion designer, an actor, and the list goes on. There were so many things I wanted to do but I never knew how to learn the skills necessary to succeed in them. Due to not properly learning these skills, I felt as though I struggled with expressing myself creatively. I later realized two things I seemed to be lacking; resources and knowledge. These two things can hinder many people with respect to their circumstances (without sounding too extreme). 


I was able to gain the resources and knowledge when I started college and moved to New York City, a place that surrounded me with many people I once dreamed to be. As a Texas “cowboy” spending his days in New York, I create so that others can express themselves in a better way than they did yesterday. With a passion for advertising and marketing communications, I use this to help shape the future of those around me. This is how I discovered my path which allows me to be my most creative self. 


So I encourage you to strap in, learn, and create with yours truly, Marty Sullivan II.

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