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Darnisha Thomas Launches First Collection for laFORME. studios

There is never a bad day with a Good Days.

As the summer season comes to an end the first chapter of laFORME. studios begins with its first release, Good Days., a vibrant collection of crochet net bags. Darnisha Thomas, a Haitian American designer from New Jersey, is the creator and designer of laFORME. studios. With a brand vision to create designs that cater to any one and everyone no matter their identities, Good Days. was conceptualized.

“With these handmade pieces, I hope to bring someone the opportunity to have a good day," Darnisha Thomas stated about her collection.

Good Days. is a collection of hand-crocheted bags created in 5 colorways. As the first collection coming from laFORME. studios, Darnisha wanted to create something that anyone could use and put into good use daily. In under two months, Darnisha took her concept from an idea to a tangible bag, funding, and supplying the entire project on her own. “I’m not going to lie it was pretty random. I knew I wanted to do something. I knew that bags were really big for a lot of people.”

The concept behind Good Days. was a mixture of free time, an old skill in crocheting, an idea of what people use often, and my favorite, randomness. Along with the creativity behind her design, came the creativity behind the color names: Playa, Flex, Ms. Thang, Buttahcream, and Lady Green. “I didn’t want it to be something simple like orange, and green, and magenta. I wanted it to be something that was fun and original.”

Lady Green | Photo by Darnisha Thomas of laFORME. studios

Darnisha’s design process went from sketches to research on stitching and yarn, and finally a little over a month of crocheting. Along the way was a ton of feedback from friends and fellow creators and designers.

With the personal success of the Good Days. collection being completed and ready for distribution, Darnisha plans for another release to come next from laFORME. studios before the end of the year.

The Good Days. collection is set to release Tuesday, August 18, along with a website launch for laFORME. studios. For a sneak peek and more information on how to get a Good Days. bag for yourself, visit laFORME. studios on Instagram.

Prepare to never have a bad day while carrying your Good Days


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