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Film Graduate Monet Michael Shares How the Film Industry Has Adapted From Her Perspective

Not too long ago, one could decide to catch an afternoon showing of the newest movie to hit theaters, purchase a ticket, and enjoy their show. Can you believe that was earlier in 2020? Due to the pandemic response, movie theaters are not always deemed safe and many have found their doors closed. A loss of a pastime for some is the lack of work for those in the film industry. However, just as other industries are doing, people within the film industry are finding ways to return to work.

Monet Michael, a film graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, sees how Covid-19 has impacted people on both sides of the screen. As a movie lover herself, there have been many changes to the way she can view a movie. As normal theaters are closed there have been many opportunities to view movies online through streaming services right from home. The other side she sees is the working side as she is a member of the film industry.

“I’ve been contacted by production coordinators and managers to come back on set for reality tv shows or commercial shoots. I’d ask them ‘what’s the Covid response? How can I ensure my safety?’ How are productions going about keeping these people who work below the line [safe]?” Monet stated when discussing returning to work.

With adapting comes changes, however, they are not always negative. Along with other people around the world, the film industry is using the internet and digital media to continue releasing work. Disney Plus and Warner Bros. have been two major companies to release or plan to release movies through online streaming platforms.

Moviemakers and movie watchers alike are being impacted by the current loss of theaters. Although there is no set date for theaters to reopen safely, there are still ways to view the newest releases right from home. This may be one safe and effective solution until the large rooms with big screens, dim floor lights, and popcorn that is never finished return.

Cover Photo Credit: Brechtbug Flickr via Compfight cc


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