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Graphic Design Through Canva Made Easier from the Beginner to the Pro

A key to digital content creation is having software that allows someone to take a design idea and produce a final copy of the digital work. Imagine having a program that can do just that whether the designer was starting from a blank page or needed inspiration from a template. Canva is for the small business owner, the Instagram influencer, the teacher making presentations, and simply any creator looking for a creative design platform.

Founded in January 2012, Canva has spent the last nine years redesigning and recreating what digital content creation looks like through its online graphic design platform. Through Canva, users can create stunning graphics, social media posts, presentations, videos, and more, all for free after signing up.

As Canva may be used along with different parts of the design process, here are a few highlights that their service provides:


Canva provides layouts for designs to be created from blank pages or picked from their endless list of templates they house. Layouts on Canva can be selected by the designer using dimensions or based on what platform they are designing for, including but not limited to Instagram posts, logos, desktop wallpapers, business cards, and YouTube headers.


Picking the right font for a design comes easy with Canva. Whether using their preselected font combinations or searching based on font style, there is a font to match any design created in the Canva platform.

Photos, Videos, and Elements

Photos, videos, and other design elements are also covered in Canva. For example, by searching for “dogs” a designer can find media elements to match what they are looking for in their design.

Design School

The Canva Design School teaches beginners and professionals how to improve their work through design tutorials, courses, and events. Through the Design School, any Canva user can learn how to build their design kit or learn about shortcuts and new tools provided by Canva.

Here are a few brands and companies that use Canva’s design services:

Yes, even Canva uses its features to create designs for their use.

Canva’s platform is free to use and free to try after signing up for an account. Although Canva can be used as a free design platform, having a paid subscription opens a new door in design capabilities. Brand kits, design resize, cloud storage, and unlimited use of content and design elements are a few of the additions with a Canva Pro account.

Whether beginning your design process or learning how to take your designs, marketing, and graphics to the next level, Canva is a great place to start.


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