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How to Begin Finding Your Own Genealogical Discoveries

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The study of genealogy uncovers the linage and ancestors of a family along with noting those who are still living. Anyone that is willing to take on the task of discovering their family history can learn a lot about where their family has been and what they have accomplished over time. Each member of a family has their own importance to the full family tree and learning about all of these members can be beneficial.

There are many reasons that discovering genealogy is important for people and their families but where can their search begin? According to genealogist, Julius O. Pearse, a good place to start is by knowing what you would like to learn about your family, followed by gathering as much information as possible on one’s family line. After these steps are completed, a search is ready to begin.

Online Platforms

There are many online platforms that can be used to discover and track genealogy and family history. For those who are computer-savvy, this can be a great option to collect records and data on family members. Based on a list of the top 25 genealogy websites, created by Family Tree Magazine, the top three online platforms are Ancestry.com, Archives.com, and FamilySearch.org.

Although used for the similar purpose of discovering genealogy, each platform, including others not listed, have their own specific features that may change the criteria a search is led by.

DNA Kits

Genealogical DNA testing focuses on patterns that are shared with people from similar backgrounds, geographic locations, and family lines. Utilizing DNA testing for the study of genealogy provides information on family history that is not found through records and documents.

The New York Times Wirecutter ranked the best DNA testing kits for genealogical purposes and settled on their top three being AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and FamilyTreeDNA. Although these DNA kits are used for the study of genealogy, the best decision can be made by the person using the kit.

This video from the Family History Fanatics discusses the differences between genealogy services.

Whether you take the online approach and search for your family history through genealogy websites, utilize a genealogical DNA test, or both, there is always the option of seeking assistance from genealogists who are trained in the field of study. Historical museums like the African American Museum of Nassau County or genealogical societies and chapters can provide guidance on the journey of discovering family history.


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