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Influencer, Angela Scarfia Uses Exotic Fruit and Social Media to Drive plant-based Change

If you spend longer than five minutes on Instagram or Facebook, there is a good chance that you will see a social media influencer. Defined by their following and interaction with their audience, these people may have even convinced you to make a purchase as it is their job to drive sales for brands and businesses. What happens when people who fall into this category use their platform to educate others on social issues and topics? Could learning about exotic fruit lead someone to live a more plant-based lifestyle?

This is exactly how Angela Scarfia uses her platform and reach through social media. Angela found something that kept her going in her vegan life, exotic fruits. Going on seven years as a vegan she has become a self-taught expert in exotic fruits. Starting from simple dance videos with fruit, her brand grew into what is now well over 18 thousand followers, all learning how to add more vegan practices to their diet through the power of fruit.

Angela Scarfia holding an array of exotic fruits used to educate others on living a more plant-based life. | Photo: Marty Sullivan II

Dancing is not all Angela can share when showing off the fruit. Through her videos Angela educates on:

- What a particular fruit is

- How it is opened and eaten

- Where it can be found, natively and in-stores

- What makes each fruit exotic and different from what is normally seen in a store

From an outside perspective, Angela falls into the category of a social media influencer. This is where she finds a disconnect between influencing and educating through social media. “Whatever my group is called is there to drive change,” Angela stated when comparing social influencing to her content on social media. From her Instagram to her TikTok videos, each post is created with change in mind and sharing something new with a follower that may adapt their health habits based on the content they see.

For more information on Angela Scarfia, follow her on Instagram and TikTok. In 60 seconds, you may also be looking for the next exotic fruit to try for yourself.


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