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JaMichael Releases New Music Amid COVID-19 Shifting His Music World

In October 2020, two musical artists discussed their outlook on the music world and how they were navigating the interruptions created by COVID-19. As live performances were canceled, these two music artists were finding ways to adapt and make the best out of the virtual music scene they found themselves in.

One of those artists, JaMichael Frazier, spent his time since then continuing to embrace what it meant to be a virtual musician in Brooklyn, N.Y. On December 28, 2020, JaMichael released a new single, Willow Tree, to streaming platforms.

Click photo to listen | Created by Marty Sullivan II

Click photo to listen to Willow Tree| Created by Marty Sullivan II

“The one advantage I’ve had in this pandemic is being able to come back to these songs and say, ‘let’s workshop these and actually put these out into the world,’” says JaMichael.

JaMichael’s goal during January is to go through songs he’s created in the past and work on releasing them to his audience who has yet to hear them.

Outside of creating new music and collaborating with other artists and musicians, some call JaMichael their music teacher. He has continued to expand his teaching experience through his weekly virtual music classes that allow him to connect with artists and share his knowledge and creativity.

For more on JaMichael and his new song Willow Tree, you may find him on Instagram, Facebook, and your favorite streaming platform.


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