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Remote College Classes Means Remote Internships for Some College Students

Fashion Institute of Technology senior, Christian Concepcion, is one of many students at the institution starting their Spring 2021 semester online. This may not be the case only at FIT, as schools around the U.S. are providing online learning environments due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only are classes online, but so are some internships. For a student like Christian, a remote internship was not going to keep him from gaining the most from the experience.

Christian is days away from starting his last semester as a Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design (BFA) student and finding an internship was a vital last step in his college journey. Starting this January 2021, Christian became a remote design intern for The Experiential Group (TXG), an experiential marketing agency.

“With remote internships, it does in some ways grant access to specific opportunities you may not have if you don’t live in that area. But with a remote internship platform, I’m able to do that”, Christian stated.

Nadia Peters-Marulaz is a Coordinator for Employer and Sponsor Relations with the Career & Internship Services department at FIT. Her advice to students looking for remote internships is, “students can maximize their remote internship experience in several ways: Set up virtual one-on-ones with team members to learn about their roles and the organization which will help you identify mentors. Create a quiet designated workspace and worktimes. Schedule check-ins with your supervisor or colleagues to review/obtain projects and to create a sense of community. Overcommunicate and follow-through!”


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