• Marty Sullivan II

Shopping Black-Owned at Brooklyn's peace & RIOT

The holiday season is approaching and for some, it is already here. Along with spending time with family, many may be looking forward to the gifts they might receive. This holiday season there has been a push to not only shop locally but to shop at black-owned businesses. For those joining that push and others who may be unaware, peace & RIOT may be the perfect spot for a one-stop-shop.

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn native and interior designer, Achuziam Maha-Sanchez, created peace & RIOT to be a hub with work and art from other black makers in the community. Created in 2013 with her husband, Lionel Sanchez, peace & RIOT has been a cultural ambassador for the people of Bed-Stuy. Their storefront has become home to nearly 80 vendors and makers in the local Brooklyn area and some beyond. Mary’s Hands Jewelry and Planet Brooklyn also operate out of peace & RIOT, both with a section of the store.

Each vendor selected matches the style and effort put forth by Achuziam and peace & RIOT. Becoming a vendor provides small businesses the opportunity to grow and expand with some opening their own storefront locations in Brooklyn. Vendors and items within the store range from art, home décor, books, games, and apparel, just to name a few. Although many items are from local vendors, there are some that find their way into the store from outside of New York City, like The 1998 Deck created by Khia Jackson.

Achuziam stated that supporting black-owned businesses is investing in her future. A part of that future also includes her 10-year-old son’s future. As the buyer of the children’s section of the store, he learns what it means to run a store in many aspects, including visiting trade shows, pricing his items, and most importantly, seeing what can be accomplished by a black business owner.

This black-owned business and the many businesses sharing space inside of it are reminders of what can be created and achieved within communities that support one another. Start your holiday shopping list with a black-owned business in mind.

For more information on peace & RIOT, visit them online or in-person at 401-403 Tompkins Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216.


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