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Social Media Creator, Mariah Alvira, Launches New handbag Brand, Forever Luxe

The way content is created changes constantly and if creators are meant to keep up, then that means they need to be able to adapt. Newer features on Instagram, the hottest podcast, or even quick videos like TikToks and Reels have kept content creators and artists on their toes. Mariah Alvira knows a thing or two about changing with the times and finding new ways to use the best features to interact with her audience and followers.

Outside of the busy life of a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Mariah has spent plenty of time, like many others, connecting via social media in a year where digital connections are becoming the norm. As a makeup artist, Mariah turned her talents into being a beauty blogger, sharing her talents and knowledge with her 1,000+ followers on Instagram. Why stop with Instagram when TikTok is fighting for its attention as a video sharing platform? No matter the platform you find her on, one would have plenty of videos, selfies, and information on the latest beauty trends to look at and learn from.

Adapting content to an audience is made easier with Instagram’s constant updates, from the creation of Reels, sorry TikTok, to the newest feature for shopping in-app. If a platform is providing it, then Mariah is finding the perfect way to share her work with each feature. This is not only true for those who know Mariah for her beauty blogging. A new side of her creativity has emerged with the release and launch of her new business, Forever Luxe.

Created with the idea to provide affordable prices on luxury items, her first collection of limited-edition handbags did just that. TikToks, Reels, and a unique and clean design can be found all over the marketing of Forever Luxe. What about something new for consumers to find interest in? Give her bag quiz a try and see which fits you best.

First collection from Forever Luxe containing 4 handbag styles. Photo: Mariah Alvira, Forever Luxe

With a collection of four bags, two selling out before one week into the launch, anyone could be the next owner of a customizable handbag fit for any occasion.

For more information about Mariah and Forever Luxe, follow her social media platforms and visit her website for your purchase.

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Forever Luxe Website

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